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(a tracking app for monitoring vehicle traveling)

For a shipping company, it is always essential to track their vehicles and select the optimized route. We developed an application that allows staff monitor the current location of the vehicles and analyze their routes, stops duration, speed data, fuel level and the important aspects. All the information is presented in clear visual ways in the form of graphs displaying index extremes in a usable and readable manner.


(a web app for monitoring users activity)

A monitoring web app became an efficient tool that helped employees to be task-focused. As a director of a company with over 100 employees, our client approached us with the idea of an efficient monitoring tool. A web app was developed for the office workers to track their activity and task progress, motivating them to keep up their work. We identified the set of useful and distracting programs and automated regular reporting so our client can always find out if his employees spend their time productively or not.


(an appointment scheduling app)

An independent service provider needed an appointment setting app that could simplify the process of appointment scheduling. This application not only allows to book appointments with the clients significantly saving time but also let send message reminders. App obtains simple and intuitive user interface visually displaying plans and meetings in the calendar with a Day, Week, and Month view modes. Creating an appointment users can also leave a short comment reminding yourself things that matter.


(an application for analyzing audience preferences)

Our application developers also collaborated with a TV-broadcasting company to build a data visualization system which can collect mission-critical data and display it in a compelling and clear way. Our team used D3.js data visualization library, and client-side scripting to achieve the project goals. The application collects and displays the information on TV audience reach and channels popularity and empowers TV-programmers and advertisers to conduct a thorough analysis.


(an application for continuing education)

Our company collaborated with a USA-based company developing an educational app that includes video courses and quizzes for learned material digestion. Users can also get a confirmation of the acquired knowledge in the form of PDF certificate. It is a great app to continue the education no matter how old you are which makes education more available.


(an app that allows compare hedge funds data)

A leading hedge fund investment company wanted to develop an efficient application that could search, analyze, and compare hedge funds. We developed a web application which displays hedge fund data in the form of tablets and graphs in a rapid manner. The app was based on our customer-company database with over 5000 hedge funds, and this number is growing daily. Login functionality allows customizing users experience letting them save the chosen funds, specify benchmark and time periods.