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We strategically design and develop for iOS, providing the best mobile software. applications that meet the technical and commercial needs. We solve the most challenging tasks in a new way.

Best IT Partner

If iOS software has a significant impact on your business and customer engagement, do not compromise the professionalism of your technical team. Our IT organization not only develops beautiful iOS apps: we create high-quality mobile solutions for the business. In order to ensure the best work and service, our IT team specializes in the design and development of local iOS.

  • UX Design
  • Native IOS
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  • Great iOS specialist
  • Effective cooperation
  • Investigation
  • Write a delivery specification from scratch

User Experience Designers: we understand that mobile app design and user experience are critical to your business success. Our experts can help you create the right user processes, add new sales leads, and deliver competitive returns.

Native systems are gaining popularity, not only for mobile user interfaces, but also for integration with services. Other invisible benefits include, but are not limited to, fast code, fast and easy integration of new features, and more.

We are developing mobile applications that are based on sound experience in the following domains: e-commerce and retail, business, health, social media, leisure, automotive, education, internet of things, finance, tourism and logistics.

Our company offers a complete mobile development cycle for every design app, from the initial idea to the launch.

Our team designs and develops top-level applications for the iPhone and iPad, highlighting the role of user experience, performance and code productivity.

In addition to the advanced technologies that use the iOS SDK, we also help companies run software faster than ever while teaching iOS projects worthy of note.

Choosing the right organization to develop an iOS app is one of the many options your organization can choose in terms of scheduling, but it has the longer term implications. It is important to hire an iOS developer or mature team with specific experience and capabilities that you will effectively practice in developing a utility.

Our approach to the process of creating iOS applications has led to amazing solutions loved by thousands of users around the world.

Why do you need to develop for iOS?

  • iOS is the second most popular mobile operating system with a market share of 12.5% ​​(according to IDC 2016).
  • More than 211 million iPhones were purchased in 2016.
  • The iPhone, led by all other smart phone manufacturers (research intelligence consumer search partners), accounts for 34% of all mobile phone activation in the US digital market.

In our creative studio, we are not just a coding program. We are also developing a global iOS product launch strategy. The expert team can also launch the app on the Apple Store.

We are trying to comply with strict software development guidelines as all products must be accepted before being hosted on the AppStore. Before you add applications to your app, you should test performance, security, optimized recovery, and more. IOS builders are very familiar with the quality assurance framework. This helps mobile applications to appear on the market.

iOS or Web app development does not start or end with encoding. Many important areas of software development are an integral part of the product's success. When we develop something for our customers, the discovery phase is one of the most important phases.

Experienced traders, developers, and business analytics teams will work closely with you to develop app specification documents, prioritize key features, discover technology stacks, formulate distribution plans, and provide a clickable prototype.

The solutions outlined in this document will provide your developers with the key ideas they need to meet their challenges and develop responsibilities for the design and programming phases.

Therefore, you will have all the materials needed to attract investors and start developing your lowest performing product.

Basic description, dreams and objectives of your app, description of the paper. This part is not only for the daily needs of the registry, but also for the whole process of producing software are essential.

The technology stack, which includes the list, libraries, and tools that the recommended technology builders can use. The production team ensures that you get a quality assurance base on your product. Our app manufacturers are experts in a variety of business areas and will promote better technology solutions for your business.

Environment. This section discusses the technical, database, and data storage requirements required to define a virtual host environment for the product's favorite features.

Data structure Used to better understand interactions among users, objects, and concepts in a program. Once experts define the interaction model, we can continue to build the context needed to allow users to efficiently identify and view information in the app.

User Stories. Describe the function from the user's point of view. They have significant value in describing and understanding the functionality of the product. User stories help you create more powerful and intuitive features to understand how users interact with the interface.

Wireframe with clickable prototype. Our team will develop your app storyboard to define the structure and view the UI format. This provides a clear idea of ​​how the software looks and feels.

Project Plan. An important part of the specification document because it provides the entire process development process. This is a document in which detailed estimates are broken into sprint. Each sprint includes a detailed list of planned functions and the average time spent. The project plan helps organize the team load and provides the opportunity for parallel accountability in order to facilitate project implementation. Project planning is the basis for following all the steps below. This is what designers use to provide layout and visual elements and what the builder uses as a coding principle.

Quality assurance

To improve every project our creative software development team is challenging, the iOS programming process includes comprehensive QA services.

The main objective of quality assurance is to develop and manage quality control processes. In most cases, QA believes that, in addition to the business needs and dreams, the developing tasks are in full compliance with the technology and user interface specifications, not only checking for potential errors in your service, or before the code is migrated to the operating environment.

Quality assurance engineers have been focused on project improvement strategies from the start. QA specialists work with the specification document first designing familiarity with the project and finding gaps in the document to avoid the central problems in structure and UI.

We have a high quality QA team of talented engineers who examine your mission from an end-user perspective, test, speak and advocate for updates.

To develop for iOS, we concentrate on the task and add all our knowledge and creativity to develop great products and answer your client’s expectations and to help you to achieve the goals.

  • Completely tested

Our experts specialize in various social networking tests, B2B frameworks, e-commerce and education kits, various online services, content management systems and mobile apps.

Testing software programs identifies problem areas in your app and helps provide a powerful product. There are many types of testing and strategies to do this.

Defined in another way, this service offers many types of software, web pages, and native iOS app quality assurance.

It is expected that the inspection of computer applications will use special software to manage the control and evaluation of expected and actual results of the software. This type of test can automate frequent, mission-critical tasks. Machine testing is usually done by combining new features with current or pre-deployment features.

Functional tests are primarily based on the machine workflow experience described in the project documentation. The job of a quality assurance engineer performing a functional test is to provide a comparison between the contour of the device and the actual operation.

Load and stress tests characterize the system's sustainability under difficult conditions such as simultaneous loading, high traffic, and peak usage, since each app or software has a selected load potential.

A usability test is a utility audit to ensure that it meets the requirements in the phrase that is convenient to use the app. The usability test allows current users to experience the product and provide feedback. That's why verification of app usability is a key part of customer acceptance and adoption.

The compatibility test allows you to test applications that interact with various software products, operating systems, and environment settings.

Comprehensive quality assurance in software solutions, mobile applications and web apps. The know-how allows you to meet the highest standards of quality your industry needs. Our QA professionals do everything possible to ensure your app is working well.

Why choose us

  • Accelerate innovation
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  • Let's create something special

The digital market is highly competitive. Digital technology companies must innovate to stay ahead. But how do you develop innovative products and minimize your risk? Our company has helped many companies navigate this mission.

How can you really reach out and market your competitors when you conceptualize your innovation? We help organizations enhance their competitive advantage by applying proven technologies and methods tailored to their specific requirements.

App usage and design go hand in hand. The app must be built from the needs of the end user. Our team has a proven track record of developing perfect pixel applications that, of course, can be used.

Digital solutions should serve the end users, but they should also work for the industries they serve. Our company allows you to create more lucrative projects.

Whether you are looking for competent technical support for a completely new market, or trying to accelerate the performance of your existing apps, or simply have a great idea for a new project, let us know. The solutions provided by our expert specialists increase your brand awareness, lead you to market faster and increase your bottom line.