How to Make Apple Apps: Your Guide To Mobile Development

Today anyone can learn how to make Apple apps, as well as applications for Android or Windows, and create their own app - you do not even have to know a programming language.

Why Go Mobile?

Have you heard the recent statistics about the internet usage? It is true, people now prefer to browse the web on their smartphones. WIth the growing number of smartphone and tablet owners around the world, mobile internet is increasing in popularity, and mobile usage has already exceeded the usage of desktop computers and laptops. Let us explain what we mean. Take Instagram, one of the most popular social networks in the world. Form the very beginning Instagram was a mobile product without any web interfaces, which did not prevent it to become the number one photo sharing tool. Everyone now is beginning to understand the importance of mobile, modernising their website for mobile use and struggling to make new native apps to catch up with the trend. A couple of years earlier going mobile was a pretence. Today, it is a must. And it is so good that there are so many tutorial on app development around, so that anyone could build a program of their own.
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  • Do I Need Programming Experience?

Learn to Make Apps

Putting it all into a nutshell, the mobile web has won over the traditional internet. So give up tinkering with HTML5 and CSS 3, the future is mobile. Today, the key to success is designing a native mobile application with stunning visuals and rich functionality. And you do not even need to take special courses to learn how to program. There are plenty of training materials and tools that are easy to use and get familiar with and the greatest thing is that most of them are available for free.

Do I Need Programming Experience?

However, if you already know a programming language and have some previous experience in app development, you will be able to create something truly exceptional and unique. Moreover, there is a variety of services that can help you go through the entire development process and submit your app to a marketplace like App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. There are software development firms that outsource app design and building platforms - you just have to choose the option that best suits your purposes.

How to Make Apple Apps

Even though Android is the largest mobile operating system, empowering most mobile devices in the world, Apple’s platform is no less popular, being the most secure and more premial mobile platform preferred by business people and Apple lovers. Recent market reports show that although the number of Apple users is smaller, they are more willing to pay for apps and in-app purchases, so that is likely the primary audience you want to harness. However, before before you start to make your app, you should be aware of the fact that Apple has very strict guidelines of app submission and demand far more high quality standards than its competitors such as Google. To learn more about the requirements for submission, read Apple review guidelines.
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Apple Developer Program

The first step you will have to make when learning how to make Apple apps, is to become a member of the Apple Developer Program for the yearly payment of $99 (although, if you want to make apps as a corporation or an educational institution, there are other memberships available). Official Apple developers work in the integrated development environment Xcode, which you can download from the Mac app store (yes, you need a Mac to officially design apps for Apple’s iPhones). Xcode has a graphic interface and many ready-made elements you need to create an app, so you do not need to know a programming language to get around.

Programming Languages and Xcode

The main programming language used to write Apple apps is Objective-C, about which you can read on the Apple’s official website here. On the other hand, there is Swift, an easier language that can be used with Objective-C introduced by Apple two years ago. As for Xcode, Apple’s developer program website also provides the users with a comprehensive tutorial. Xcode comes with a set of Apple development tools for coding, testing, design, distribution and app monetisation.

App Store Submission

When you have programmed and tested your Apple application, it is time to submit it to App Store to get it reviewed and published for the millions of users to download. Nobody knows how much time the revision will take, and Apple itself says that review times may vary. If your software is rejected for one reason or another, you can send in an appeal to the App Review Board, but it is better to avoid such situations, so carefully read the App Store Review Guidelines. Sometimes it takes ages to modify your program until it meets Apple’s standards, so do not become discouraged.

Learn to Make Android Applications

To create apps for Android and publish them in the largest digital marketplace Google Play, you will need to register a Google Play Developer account, which will cost you a one-time fee of $25. An obvious advantage of Google Play compared to Apple’s App Store is a far simpler review process - typically, your software will be available for download in a couple of hours after the submission. Like Apple, Google offers a comprehensive software development guide to all people who want to build application for their mobile operating system.

The Process of Android Development

To start with, you will need to download and install Android Studio. Of course, there are hundreds of development platforms that enable you to build Android app, but Android Studio is the only official program for mobile developers available for Windows, Linux and Mac. There are different programming languages you can use to make software for Android, but Java is probably the most popular one. Our software developers recommend you to start with Java, because it will lay a perfect groundwork for the future. Android Studio enables app developers to program, monetize and test their programs. Once you did make your app and tested it, you can publish it with the help of the Google Play Developer Console.

Windows Phone Apps

Windows has the smallest share in the mobile operating system market, but it has gained in popularity since its started a course on the integration of mobile and desktop environments into a unified ecosystem. Windows Universal apps is a modern solution that breathed a new life into the Microsoft’s OS. If you want to get to know how to make software solutions for Windows phones, here is a great overview on how to create you first product for Windows. As usual, you will need to sign up for a Windows Developer Account, paying a $19 fee.

How to Build a Windows App

The number one software you will need to make your Windows app is Microsoft Visual Studio. Similar to Android apps, you can code Windows apps in a variety of programming languages such as C++ with XAML, Javascript with HTML/CSS, C#, C++ with DirectX and others. To test your application on your personal device, you will have to get it registered as an official test device, or you can use a free emulator which are abundant on the web. When the app is developed and refined, you can simply publish it to the Windows store. Not long ago, Windows has also released a Windows App Studio, a set of tools for professional developers which enables you to construct basic cross-platform apps for Windows devices within hours or even minutes. And you do not even need any programming experience.

Get Professional Help

Feel at a loss after reading all this information? You do not need to. In the era of information, there are so many opportunities open to you and available on the world wide web. If you are looking for professional to help you learn how to make sfotware or outsource your entire project, you can search the development communities and forums, or you can get in touch with us - we are always glad to meet new creative and ambitious people like you.

How to Choose the RIght Developer?

To add more, there are various development tools created specifically for those who are new to programming. Each program has its specific features, settings and costs, however you should be careful when using such tools, because there are many malicious manufacturers whose only goal is to make money, disregarding reputation and client satisfaction. Always select a development company or platform with great care, reading client testimonials, studying the portfolios and arranging interviews.
Our talented and skilful Apple developers and designers know how to get the most out of mobile technologies and supply you with a top-notch program that will make you stand out from the competition. Do not hesitate to contact us - our support specialists will be happy to answer your questions, evaluate your project cost and tell you more about our professional software design company.