Meet the Leaders Among Software Development Companies

For the past decade, we as software developers been delivering first-class mobile apps across various industries including retail, finance, travel, construction and much more. Our company is comprised of more than 200 experts in development and design who have completed over 250 successful software development projects. Our vast experience in the design of bespoke mobile apps encompasses a wide range of solutions form content management systems to client relationship management tools, online payment software and project cost evaluation programs for large international retailer, leading manufacturers and famous restaurant chains around the world.

Experience in Software Development

Just look at the figures:
  • 12+ years of mobile experience
  • 150+ mobile specialists
  • 250+ delivered projects
You can become the next happy client whose business will prosper thanks to our top-notch digital products

Why Do Businesses Need Bespoke Apps?

More and more enterprises are incorporating mobile application into their workflow management, and the recent reports indicate that the enterprise app development is going to double within the upcoming years. Despite a great amount of software development companies, it still a great challenge to find the right developers who will supply you with a quality product that meets your budget and timeframes.

The Benefits of Enterprise Software

This software development company boasts more than 12 years of expertise in building efficient software for smartphones and tablets, professionally deploying them and maintaining the product to keep up to date with the changing market environment. We know the difference between the enterprise apps aimed at business process management and client-oriented apps for customer relationship management. Enthusiastic and skillful specialists in bespoke software development create secure and effective solutions that facilitates workflow management, automates routine processes and helps your employees with tasks of any level.
  • Business Analytics And Development

  • Software Development and Integration Services

  • Corporate System Design and Support

  • Native App Development

  • Native Android and iOS Design

  • We Respect Clients

Business Analytics And Development

We can tackle project of any size and complexity for large and small businesses alike. Our company’s team of qualified business analysts and marketers take the time to get an in-depth understanding of your business and communicate your needs to software developers, who create comprehensive software requirements on the basis of the analytical data. Even if you have no experience in app development and do not know what your company needs, our business analysts will explain to you every possibility you have and guide you through the process of identifying the requirements for the software.

Software Development and Integration Services

As a web design company, we develop elaborate and basic native apps for all mobile platforms, and take great care of all the stages of the complex development process, including:

- User Interface Design

- Mobile App Development

- Backend Development

- Data Security Assurance

- Software Integration

- Product Maintenance

Corporate System Design and Support

Our experts can integrate your new mobile solution with any existing corporate software used by your employees including customer relationship management systems, enterprise resource planning solutions, business intelligence tools and enterprise content management platforms. Apart from coding and testing, we will continuously support your software within its lifecycle and update it on the basis of customer feedback and changing business demands.

Native App Development

A solid background in mobile design for all platforms including iOS and Android enables us to translate our history of access to your product and find approaches that fit your project best. Nowadays, employees of large companies use their own devices at work, so if your business has a bring your own device policy, then there is no way you can avoid cross-platform app development for both iOS and Android as a minimum.

Native Android and iOS Design

This digital agency can boast software development experts proficient in Android and iOS app creation. We guarantee you that your software products will utilise the latest technologies, keep in line with the top trends and posses a native user interface. All these features ensure that your app will appeal to your customers, offering them the best user experience possible and resulting in higher conversion rates.

We Respect Clients

We believe that client communication and mutual respect are the foundation of any successful project, that is why we work so hard to establish a relationship of trust and rapport with our clients. Once you feel confident about our reputation, you can outsource a project of any complexity with this company and take advantage of our digital consulting services. With the help of our top-notch digital solutions, you will gain better control of your business processes and enhance productivity.

Website Development

We build game-changing web platforms for small and large companies who search for a way to connect to their audience and enhance the online presence of their brand. We will take you through every stages of the development and beyond, creating a website that reflects your business persona and goes in line with your business goals. For more than 12 years, our web design team of 150+ specialists in user experience design, website creation and quality assurance has been delivering quality online platforms for companies across all industries, accumulating experience and gaining impeccable reputation.
  • Our Portfolio

  • Business to Consumer Websites

  • Business-to-Business Web Solutions

  • Advanced B2B Functionality

Our Portfolio

The projects that we take pride in include:

- Website constellation supported by local servers for a large fast food chain with $8 billion in revenue

- A web portal for medical centers compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act that enables healthcare companies manage their expenses

- Educational website for a leading international language school that helps children and adults learn languages with fun

Business to Consumer Websites

A quality website is the best tool to establish a strong online presence, make your products and services visible to a large pool of internet users and increase customer engagement. We always follow the principles of usability when designing website, which are easy navigation, intuitively, reliability of information and relevancy of content. We create seamless ser experiences, incorporation the following features into our website solutions:

- Advanced order management (for example, bespoke tools designed with participation of actual users)

- Service and delivery management (for instance, an option to deactivate a service)

- Secure online payment tools

- Timely notifications about changes in service provisions

- Personal recommendations

- Analytical tools and statistical reports

- User reports with account details and purchase history

We offer a perfect combination of expertise across various industries and advanced technologies that enable us to develop apps with stunning interfaces and powerful B2C capabilities that exceed solutions of other software development companies in speed and security.

Business-to-Business Web Solutions

The only way for a B2B website to incentivise customer engagement, increase conversions and boost profits is by offering a customised self-service options for its visitors. To address this need, we incorporate highly effective tools for customer relationship management into our solutions that enable companies to:

- Manage and monitor orders, offer unique deals and track customer satisfaction;

- Have instant access to the company's guidelines and other documentations, report any issues and get quick support;

- Check balance, monitor invoice status, track payments and manage other financial issues.

Advanced B2B Functionality

Moreover, our B2B solutions are designed on the basis of the latest trends and technologies, guaranteeing you a significant advantage over the competition:

- Automated order price evaluation depending on the scale, coupons, promotions and delivery time

- Personalised content on the basis of the purchase and search history of every client

- Convenient and intuitive ordering system, custom product comparisons and descriptions

Our B2B website designed to appeal to your customers and make them involved allow the visitors to get all the information they need in one click and minimise the need to contact support centers due to their high intuitivity and usability.

Partner Web Platforms

Designed to make partnerships prosper, stand out among the competition and generate leads, our web solutions for partners bring many benefits to business collaboration. We know how to create partner websites that strengthens partnership companys’ relations and engage users. Our company strongly believes that a partner portal is an efficient tool that can optimise the workflow of the entire staff and branches, not just a single manager appointed to the task. Only this way the third parties have a direct contact with a partner's personnel and get all the necessary information straight from the source. It makes the partner bounds stronger and significantly improves the productivity of the partnership.

Two-Way Benefits

A quality partner web portal is a powerful tool that can influence those who have a decisive impact on the consumer’s conversion,offering valuable information on your products and services. We will build all the necessary functions like cost calculators, order statuses, customisable features, inventory monitoring and different metrics to improve the communication between the partners and maximise mutual benefit.

Let’s Be Partners

We believe in the win-win approach and are ready to rise to any business challenge to develop a web solution that bring value and ensures success. You can get in touch with our consultants any time and get a free advice on how to bring your ideas to life, evaluate the cost of your project and build a web portal or a mobile app within your budget and timeframes. Give us a call, contact our specialists via the contact form or drop by our headquarters - we cannot wait to meet you.