Professional Software Development Outsourcing: Ensuring Successful Partners

We specialize in custom software programming of high quality to meet your needs in the most advantageous way.

The driving force of success

The basic capacity we believe in is the ability to deliver software development outsourcing service quickly and achieve sustainable financial savings throughout the software lifecycle. We do this by using surprisingly efficient software development and delivery technologies that combine the quality with the fair price.

We are proficient in various software development practices - cascade, thin, agile, SCRUM, prototype, model V, spiral, increment, iteration, RAD, RUP, DSDM and XP.

Flexibility and independence. We can extend the services as a predictable extension of a customer's development team. This arrangement reduces overheads, administrative costs and the pain of short but frequent engagement. Outsourcing specialists specialize in the management of long-term open transactions and well-described movements to set prices and schedules.

As an experienced remote software development partner, we refined an efficient and cost-effective way to get in and out of your development process with the right assets at the right time. The team ensures that you are satisfied with the acceptance criteria and that the entire transfer of knowledge takes place at the end of the engagement period.

Customized solutions are built from scratch based on the customer's precise needs, using state-of-the-art open toolkits and technologies. The combination of industry-leading open-source products, robust back-end and custom code is a powerful lever that allows us to outsource software builders to deliver solutions that meet the toughest challenges of our customers in an extremely tight timeframe.

Efficient delivery mechanisms allow us to offer economic benefits. Offshore programming teams have expanded business analytics, architecture, project management, deployment, and quality assurance across the United States to optimize the allocation of useful resources and maintain cost and performance advantages throughout the design lifecycle.

  • Strategy
  • Features

We are part of your team throughout the entire software development lifecycle, from planning to maintenance.

The outsourcing software manufacturing business begins with a basic breakthrough to check the size and scope of the project. We found not only ways to build software projects, but also plan how to measure, inspect, and deploy projects. Our outsourcing company has the ability to do as little or as little as possible, from providing additional development resources to dealing with full participation.

The team works with you to fulfill your chosen outsourcing mission of achieving speed, value and great results.

Our responsibility

  • Roadmap to translate business objectives into rigorous fundamentals
  • Design and development of applications
  • Maintenance and door (recovery, replacement)
  • Adhere to software development and integration of redundant technologies and structures to remain competitive
  • Environmental business problems, continuity of knowledge in technology and corporate infrastructure
  • First, allocate development resources to make the best product for bulletproof security and reduce total cost of ownership

By systematically analyzing our customers' business needs, our outsourcing teams obtain information about the business needs and interpret them as technically feasible and useful features.

Architectural layout

Before actually coding, developers create a comprehensive software architecture and identify individual modular components as well as the appropriate tools and third-party tools to use. For each factor, a set of interfaces is described. The method shortens overall development time, reduces integration mode, and improves product testability.

Usability Analysis

Each team member realizes that users interact with utilities in the same way that they work. Graphic designers and engineers will extend interface prototypes and work with representative end-users to prototype interfaces as needed to ensure maximum reliability and experience.

Contact Point for Software Development Outsourcing with our team

  • Our company appoints a project manager who handles the developer and communicates with you.
  • This allows companies to maximize visibility and participation in business development and overcome obstacles to provide the most effective direction.

The principle of success

  • Respect the framework
  • Partnerships
  • Squadron
  • Quality assurance of fusion
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Continue to participate

Developers define and reach milestones to ensure you receive feedback on each of the key factors. Our organization tracks each milestone as a total delivery with the full impact of maintaining specifications and requirements.

As a well known outsourcing partner, we think each customer is a partner. From an older point of view, you are concerned with the process of defining, refining, and inspecting technology.

Our organization's policy is to assign small, high-level software developers to projects. In our experience, a large number of veterans can deliver faster and greater results than larger green developers. If the commitment can not be introduced within the time allotted to a single team, architects and project managers subdivide the project into subtasks and define a rigorous programming interface between them.

An excellent quality assurance (QA) begins with the completion of the task, not on the code freeze date. QA engineers participate in the product development process to ensure that the final software is testable. In addition, QA engineers perform unit testing and integrative testing in accordance with the overall QA program using automated and manual inspection tools.

As an experienced outsourcing partner, our company provides training and documentation to enable customers to manage, maintain and enhance advanced products with the required degree. Our outsourcing developer team can educate our customer's technical support staff, technical directors, and software program builders at consumer workplaces or at our facilities.

These products are "built for change," because we fully understand that Web solutions are often harder to build than Web applications. If necessary, our IT agents can provide long-term product enhancements.

We are proud to say that the expertise and expertise of outsourcing development and web design experts is unparalleled.

Outstanding technical talent

In our company, there are almost 200 software developers, web UI and application designers with programming Java, PHP, C ++, Python, .NET, Objective C, Ruby on Rails, HTML5 and other technologies. Third-party software developers have the technical skills for Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile programs, and can create and use a large number of IDEs and devices based on buyers' preferences and technical capabilities.

Extensive software development and application design skills are crucial to providing buyers with transparent support when deciding to switch technical guidance, migrate through language, platforms, or combine with external products. For many of our customers, we work on .Net before moving the product completely into the Java environment. The developers also ported a large number of SaaS products from Java to Ruby on Rails, even from Java to .Net. Whatever you need to do and how we do it, we are happy to accept any outsourced project.

  • Mobile Apps Building
  • Custom Android Apps
  • Quality assurance

Smartphones and tablets are replacing a wide variety of tasks for computers and laptops, and customers require more functionality from their handheld devices. Now, any software needs a strong mobile strategy - or it's dead. Our application building team has been a leader in mobile device development and in addition to injecting mobile functionality into different enterprise-level solutions, it is developing native applications.

  • IPhone and iPad Development Services
  • Updated iOS app updates and optimizations
  • Migration of desktop software
  • QA and test

We can help make your concept a reality with a deep understanding of the iOS design and desktop programming services. The long record of building security integration solutions and highly mobile cross-platform solutions has made us the best outsourcing partner if you are thinking of BYOD policy integration.

Our outsourcing group has extensive experience working with clients in the field of Android devices in early stage companies, early stage companies and large companies. The team follows the industry's best standards with advanced agile methods and employs innovative approaches and proven methods. Using numerous programming tools and leveraging the potential of the Android SDK, programmers ensure that business objectives are achieved within the set of schedules.

Our services:

  • Android and cross-platform apps
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Social media
  • Android Widget t
  • QA and testing
  • And more

Rich experience

Our team works on strategies, planning, concepts, design and programming for dozens of outsourced projects and mobile software components on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Many areas of expertise in custom mobile software development include:

  • Content management system
  • Send notifications via deep links
  • Mobile analytics application
  • BYOD implementation
  • And more

For over nine years, we are implementing state-of-the-art quality assurance systems to ensure the best working performance of the products we offer. Sophisticated testers have refined strategies and testing methods that integrate seamlessly into the development lifecycle without going beyond the basic boundaries between programming and checking processes.

Rely on specialized testers

  • The detailed QA test will continually identify issues and functional differences and reduce the cost of troubleshooting.
  • Thoroughly understand the construction of targeted, detailed and realistic planning, complete implementation control, to ensure business value.
  • A strong and professional level of collaboration between QA engineers, production teams and customers will result in an up-front quality exquisite software program and a high degree of user acceptance.
  • QA services can be provided as part of an overall project, or reserved for stand-alone use.

We offer comprehensive quality assurance and application testing services. A dedicated team will perform infrastructure analysis, develop test plans, evaluate automation capabilities, and describe and implement basic test cases.

Maintenance and Support

When you need to deliver traditional products, our IT company is about to strengthen. We have sound skills, proficient in VB, VBA, C, C ++, user / server architecture and other languages.

Choose us as an outsourcing partner for maintenance and project support. Professionals are qualified engineers and certified fully focused on maintenance activities. Whether it's software installation, day-to-day service, product support or system upgrades and enhancements, outsourcing teams are the best option to help you maximize your return on investment and improve your business processes.